Our products are handmade with great care.

We offer unique, yet useful, items for you. The hand/tote bags and Cup Cozees are made of 100% cotton and have no raw edges or seams. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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2012 Craft Fair Engagements
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Their story is simple… that of two sisters who grew up in a very small town on an island in Washington State during the 1960s.

They learned to sew at the knees of their mother and grandmother at an early age — making doll clothes and eventually their own.

The entrepreneurial spirit comes naturally from the pioneer stock of their forefathers. They’re proud of, and thankful to, them for passing on the dreams and work ethic that it takes to start a small business.

“I love my Cup Cozee! I have one in each car and the baby's diaper bag. It's great because it keeps my hot drinks from burning my hand and it sucks up the condensation on the cold drinks and keeps my hand dry and warm! People comment on how cute it is and ask where they can get one.”EJ M., Alexandria, VA

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